Sneak Peak

This is a sneaky look at the course content. 

1.3 Vagus Nerve: Basic Exercise

Lay on your back. (you can do this sitting or standing, but laying down is ideal). 

Interconnect your fingers and place them behind your head. (If you have problems with a shoulder and can’t get your hands behind your head, try and place one hand under your head and rest the other wherever you are comfortable).

You should feel the firm contact between your head and your hands. 

Keeping your head still look to the side with your eyes (doesn’t matter which side). Avoid straining your eyes. Remain there for 30-45 seconds or until you feel yourself either yawn, sigh, swallow or inhale more deeply.

Continue to keep your head still and look to the other side and repeat. 

*This can make you relax quite a lot so if you get up and feel dizzy just sit for a moment and let your body re-calibrate.

2.3 Bridge

Following on from the previous exercise, 

Plant feet firmly and have weight evenly distributed through feet.

As you flatten your back, lift your bum to push hips toward ceiling, peeling one vertebra off the floor at a time.

Aim to get your body straight so there is no bend in your hips.

Slowly lower, placing one vertebra on the floor at a time. (This can be hard to start with, we are just trying to avoid you moving as a rigid block – it will get easier.)