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Hi I am Steph, a physiotherapist based out of Melbourne, Australia.

Throughout my career I have predominantly worked in private practice and Elite sport.

Since 2005 I have suffered from chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue as well as undergoing decompression (brain surgery) for a chiari malformation in late 2018.

Throughout my health journey I have been lucky enough to have the knowledge as well as access to wonderful colleagues that assisted me in having a successful rehabilitation and allowing me to remain active. I have noticed that there is little out there in regards to online exercise programs for people in a similar position to me.

Therefore in the coming months I will be rolling out a 10 week beginners exercise program that will be suitable for people that have a number of chronic health conditions.

I am hoping to gain further information that will assist me in making a program that can help a wide range of people. If you could please answer the following questions for me that would be much appreciated

If you would like further information about when this program would be released please leave your email in the space provided.


Initial Questionnaire
Do you currently exercise? *
If so, how many times a week?
Have you received in guidance in exercise or rehabilitation yet? *
If you were to participate in an online program how long would you want each class/session to run for? *
Would you prefer the exercise class to be? *
If the program included the use of basic exercise equipment would you *


If you would like to receive further information when this program is released please place your first name and email below.