Lymphatic Treatment

This part of my website has sat empty for some time, as I was trying too hard to pull together all the wonderful research and information that’s out there describing the lymphatic system and all its wonderful traits.

I was struggling to condense it, so I’ve decided to just give a nice simple summary of the lymphatic system and the treatment I do and one day I’ll add all those juicy deets for those that want to nerd out like me.

The lymphatic system is one of the most important yet most neglected systems in our body. Generally, the only time we hear about it is in the unfortunate cases of cancers such as lymphoma, where the lymphatic system is diseased itself. But on a day-to-day basis our lymphatic system works behind the scenes as one of our bodies major detox and waste systems. It has a deep connection to our immune system, is often our first line of defence and is responsible for distributing our fighting and healing cells around the body. It should be a system at the forefront of our minds when it comes to good health and immunity. Additionally, it has an intricate role within the gut and is involved in the absorption of certain nutrients.

Our cells can only be as healthy as the environment they live in. Our cells are surrounded by something called interstitial fluid. In simple terms this fluid is where the cells pick up the nutrients they need and dump what they don’t need. Our lymphatic system is responsible for sorting through this fluid and everything in it, ensuring there is nothing in there that needs to be fought and then circulating this back into our blood stream to then be eliminated by our other detox organs, liver, kidneys, skin etc.

Our lymphatic system has multiple components, is made up of billions of lymph capillaries, over 700 lymph nodes and approximately 15 litres of lymph fluid.

It has a deep connection to our gut (which is now known as the second brain) meaning it also has influence over all our body’s functions.

When our lymphatic system is not functioning optimally it can lead to an overload of our other detox organs and body systems. 

It can also result in an increased production of bodily fat, as our bodies will increase fat cells as a place to store the toxins and waste we are struggling to eliminate. 

Our bodies are phenomenal and have wonderful mechanisms for detoxing and getting rid of what’s needed, but unfortunately in the modern world we are exposed to a huge amount of chemicals and toxins daily. Our bodies now must deal with these on top of the normal waste that would occur. This means that on occasion, we need some help clearing out the system so our bodies can effectively do their job. 

This is where the treatment comes in. There are quite a few styles of lymphatic treatment around, my still incorporates quite a number of techniques that help physically move the lymph as well as stimulate the nervous system in a way that helps with healing and detox. 

Post treatment you can get a “detox effect” which can look different for everyone. You may feel a bit under the weather, headachey or tired, you may also find yourself going to the toilet A LOT, which is our body showing us that it is catching up on all that waste elimination. All these symptoms are normal and are a good indication that the body is working hard to heal. 

For those interested in the more emotional and spiritual or energetic components to the body, lymph work also assists in shifting the physical consequences of these, and pairs well with other modalities.  

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