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Just the standard legal disclaimer: Please be aware that none of this information is a substitute for medical advice. These pages are for educational purposes only. It is important that for diagnosis and management of these conditions you seek out the help of a qualified professional.

In this section you will find general information and resources relating to a number of conditions and treatments. These are conditions and treatments I have come across regularly, either in my own personal experience, or through working with clients. The courses, products and information I am supplying may be suitable for people with similar problems to the ones in this section, where often traditional physio or exercise etc is not.

I have decided to collate this information in one spot as it took me a long time to learn about and find a lot of these resources. A central point for these sorts of resources would have been invaluable to me in my personal journey as well as my professional one earlier on.

These areas are ones that fascinate me and really get my inner nerd excited! I will link to relevant studies and reputable resources, but for the most part I want to keep this a little more conversational and easy to read. I really hope you get something out of this section of the website.

Although I do my best to keep this updated through constant research and experience, it may not always be the most updated information so please keep that in mind.

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