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Courses & Programs on Offer

Here you will find the courses I am offering or in the process of building. Please feel free to register your interest if you would like further information as soon as they are released.

More detailed information can be found by clicking on each course.

None of these courses claim to cure you or have magical results.

However, getting out of your health rut is about finding the right practitioners for you, as well as adjusting your lifestyle to give you the best possible chance of improvement.

These courses aim to get you off the starting block. Help you reach a place where you then have so many more options at your disposal.  

If you’re ready to do the work but just have no idea where to start then one or more of these may be for you.


10 Week Exercise Program

Currently a 3 week beta version.

A self paced, easy to navigate program that covers Pilates and physio based exercises as well as breathing, meditation and techniques to stimulate the vagus nerve.

You will have ongoing access to all resources.


3 month Health Reboot

Over a 3 month period we will cover a number of topics. This program aims to give you knowledge, tools and resources to help you better understand your own health and how to navigate it, whilst also giving you a number of (cost free) exercises and techniques you can put into practice immediately.

We will cover topics such as nutrition, exercise, meditation, mindset, breathing and the vagus nerve.

It is a slow paced and flexible course with the ability to take longer than 3 months to complete if required.

You will have ongoing access to all resources.

1st release April 2021


Intensive 1:1

You will have access to 10 one on one sessions with me. This will be spread out as fortnightly sessions over approximately 5 months, which can be discussed and structured according to your needs. Through this we will create an individual plan for you. Incorporating Health Coaching, Physio, Meditation or whatever we discover you need, whilst ensuring we are working with your other health care practitioners and their interventions. If you are Melbourne based hands on treatments can be a part of the process. Through this you will have guidance and remain accountable as you learn to create change.

1st Release: early 2021


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