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Learn step by step strategies to get back to exercise with chronic health ailments.


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Back to Exercise Course

For people suffering with Chiari Malformation & Chronic Health Issues

This program is aimed at anyone who struggles with exercise, anyone who feels that other programs that exist are too advanced and those who struggle with recovery post exercise.

Course Features

Welcome to Expansive Health

I created Expansive Health as a way to share knowledge and skills that have helped me personally, as well as many of my patients that I have worked with.

I have a strong belief that despite the incredible facets of, and strengths that modern western medicine has, there is so much more required to achieve optimal health.

Throughout my own journey, (you can read about this in my profile) I have come across so much incredible information, research, concepts and people who have so many unique views of how the body works and how to heal it.

For some time , I completely separated my physio/medical/heavily evidence based world from the other world I was exploring as part of my own health and healing journey. When I realised that it was the combination of everything I was doing that was really creating the results I was experiencing, I consciously started intertwining the Western, Eastern and more spiritual and wellness philosophies into one. It was here that I realised the power of acknowledging and nurturing all aspects of your health, despite what your initial reaction to a new idea or concept might be.

I was once asked what the term spirituality meant to me. For a long time, I associated the term spirituality to either religion or people that believed in tarot and psychics, and crystals. I do not consider myself religious, but I have always had a fascination with the unknown. I loved learning, I loved ideas and new concepts, I loved the possibility that the impossible could really exist. So when asked that question for probably the first time as an adult, an adult that has worked within the confines of a modern science based model, but also an adult that has found exceptional benefit since expanding my mind, I came up with an answer I wasn’t quite expecting.

To me, it meant to believe that something that has not yet been “proven” to be true could in fact be possible.

And this is the philosophy I now live by, and the philosophy that has led to the creation of the ever expanding, Expansive Health.

Everything that has now been proven by science was once simply an idea. I do love evidence, I love information and I love to know the exact science. It is also incredibly important to me that all things I explore are safe. But at the same time I have a healthy relationship with exploring the unknown, the not yet proven and the concepts that are simply ideas. To me it’s important to think outside the box, to explore and listen to the ideas that others have, even the ones that aren’t yet mainstream.

This is where we just might find the answers we need to achieve our own goals.